Monday, December 15, 2008

Jungalow Video 2


ewhite said...

yeaaaaaah brah!!! sweet footage of the adventure. The place is looking sweet. really coming together. I also like seeing your living quarters in cula, darn that traffic! seems like you'll get plenty of peace and quiet in your new place though. congrats you guys! I'm excited to see the finished home. Cheers. Love. -E

Deb Z. said...

Hey guys! First of all , you look fabulous! Mexico is doing you right. Build it and We Will Come! I cannot get over the progress. It looks absolutly beautiful. You have really made a wonderful home for yourself. And those workers, man they are fast and good at what they do. And the sky is soooo beautiful. And your temporary digs is wonderful. I want to come tomorrow. I can't wait! I may come and visit and just have to stay. The blog was really good by the way. We will send pics to the blog after christmas. I love you guys and am so envious and proud of you. Have fun and Happy Holidays! And Happy New Year. Love, Love, Love you - Deb, SaSa and Rick